Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Drought roiling China’s already evaporating economy

 Factories in the southwestern Sacheon region are expected to be closed until Thursday due to a heat wave and drought in what is expected to be the latest global supply chain crisis in the country.

Foreign manufacturers including Apple and Toyota, as well as Chinese solar manufacturers, plan to resume production on Sunday after a six-day shutdown. However, local authorities declared a level one emergency and ordered the plant to close on Sunday due to bad weather.

About 16,500 businesses in Sichuan province were affected by the power shortage Some Chinese media said the problem could cause factory shutdowns in cities along the industrial east coast, but scientists believe last September's nationwide blackout will not happen again this year.

Over the past two decades, China has built hydro, wind and solar power in the western region to provide cheap electricity to industrial cities in the eastern region. Sichuan province is located on the Yangtze River and has about 1,400 tributaries, so to supply 80% of the consumed electricity, several hydroelectric power plants were built, and the excess electricity was sold to neighboring provinces.

Reservoirs in Sichuan were down 40 percent in July and 50 percent in August compared to last year, while much of the world suffered from hot and dry July weather. The state-owned Sichuan Power Company has announced that its capacity has been cut in half due to the recent hot weather and drought.

The National Meteorological Center of the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) has issued a red high temperature alert for at least four provinces where temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius have been recorded in the last 48 hours for 28 consecutive days. .. from July 20 to August 17. From June 1 to August, the average number of high temperatures across the country was 12 years old, the highest since 1961. Usually this figure is about seven days. On August 14, the Sichuan government ordered the closure of all factories and air conditioners in shopping malls and public facilities between August 15 and 20. On Sunday, he extended this deadline to August 25. Among the factories affected last week were Foxconn, the Taiwanese maker of the iPod and Apple Watch, and BOE Technology Group Co Ltd, which supplies Apple with flat LCD and OLED panels. Toyota Japan has announced that sales in mainland China will be hampered until production resumes. In an article on Saturday, IT columnist Yuan Xilai said that Sichuan solar power producers Tongwei, Contemporary Amperex Technology, JinkoSolar and GCL New Holding could disrupt the global supply chain. Yuan said it will be difficult for Sichuan to diversify into solar and wind power in the short term or rely on coal power. Li Junfeng, a board member of the China Energy Research Association, told Yicai.com that it is not normal for the water level in the Yangtze to drop significantly from the end of July to the beginning of August. Between November and April. . Lee said it was the fastest dry season since records began in 1951. He said that since the power grid was designed and built to transfer excess electricity from Sichuan to other provinces, it would be difficult for other regions to transfer electricity back to Sichuan.

In a place that relies heavily on wind, solar and hydropower, its energy can easily affect the weather, he said. He said it is necessary to build more energy storage to ensure Sichuan's energy supply.

Sichuan province and the neighboring city of Chongqing experienced another extreme weather event in the summer of 2020 when the Yangtze River overflowed. The storm affected several residential and agricultural areas downstream and damaged 2.4 kilometers of the Three Gorges Dam across the Yangtze River in Hubei province.

Drought in the southwestern region and hot weather in China will continue next week, Water Resources Minister Li Guiying said on Saturday. He said the government has set up a drought relief task force to provide water to cities along the Yangtze River. He said: At the same time, in the event of heavy rain, there will be a flood in the northwest and upstream of the Zard River. According to media reports last week, some areas in Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces ordered factories to partially halt production to conserve electricity. It is not known if this order will be extended. Jin Xiangdong, spokesman for the National Development and Reform Commission, said on August 16 that the reduction in hydropower will create more demand for coal-fired power plants.

China currently produces 60% of its electricity by burning coal. In July, electricity production increased by 4.5%, coal - by 5.3%.

Last September, China faced a national energy crisis, and the power plant was placed in the middle of coal and electricity, not stimulating the market. For several months, the central government stabilized domestic coal supplies, boosting prices.

The university is a member of Jiangsu University, Renmin University and the National Energy Committee and the National Energy Committee, and said that the government should continue to increase the number of coal suppliers after the electricity shortage problems in Sichuan.

Monday, August 22, 2022

Europe’s drought could have a long afterlife

 Europe is on fire. This summer, extreme drought and record heat ravaged the continent, withering crops and infested with wildfires. Storms provide cooling but do not stop drought and can also create new problems such as flooding and downed trees.

The apocalyptic weather is unprecedented, evidenced by the reappearance of ancient "hunger stones" on continental riverbeds. However, as climate change makes such crises more frequent, it is important to remember one important fact. Historical episodes of weather chaos have compounded the chaos and ignited everything from social unrest to epidemics.

Imagine a drought in central Europe in AD 69. The Roman historian Tacitus remains the best source for this disaster. He wrote that the legions sent that year to fight the distressed Germanic tribes were "in bad spirits" because "the Rhine was difficult to navigate on account of a drought unprecedented in this climate." He explained that other grievances of the soldiers were: "lack of pay and lack of food." Tacitus reported that the superstitious Germans took the "lack of water" as evidence that "those rivers, the ancient defense of the empire, had deserted us" from the "wrath of the Rhenish god" against the Romans. According to what happened in Rome in AD 69, the god of the Rhine was very angry. It was the "Year of the Four Emperors" when the malnourished legions fell into civil wars between different factions fighting for supremacy in Rome. The Germans met their stubborn opponent, Vitellius, fallen after a bloody battle. Not only Vitellius, but also tens of thousands of civilians and soldiers were killed. The relationship between bad weather and rebel soldiers was not limited to this episode. In 2018, an economist compared weather data from ancient Rome to the assassination of a Roman emperor. He found a strong statistical correlation between drought in the northern border region and the assassination of emperors in Rome. Attention king! Other studies of the climate of ancient Rome have suggested a link between drought-induced famine and subsequent outbreaks of disease such as the Plague of Justinian. Bad weather may have sown the seeds of famine, and the population is vulnerable to predation by new pathogens.

The hypothesis that extreme weather could pave the way for an epidemic has also been put forward to explain the severity of the Black Death. In the 1330s, unusual weather conditions ravaged Europe and there was no food. Several groups of researchers believe that the resulting lack of crops made the local population particularly vulnerable to the Yersinia pestis bacteria that devastated the area in 1341. A little over 100 years later, another bout of extreme weather caused very different problems. In the early 1470s, after several years of extreme heat (a Belgian chronicler called "the unprecedented and abnormal drought that has gripped the world"), rivers dried up, crops failed, and many died. Spain's political leaders blamed the bad weather on "conversos," a Jewish convert to Christianity, and burned them at the stake. It is neither the first nor the last time that bad weather has stirred anti-Semitism. The most severe "drought" of the last millennium occurred in the summer of 1540 of the following century. Rivers, springs and wells dried up. Lake Constance, one of Europe’s deepest and largest lakes, lost so much water that people walked to former islands.

Forest burning, buildings in flames

Temperatures must have been excruciating. In France, city dwellers went into cellars shortly after sunrise to escape the heat. French chronicles recorded that the wine grapes were "roasted, and the grape leaves fell to the ground like a heavy frost." As it is now, wildfires have occurred across the continent. A Swiss account from late July 1540 states that “[a]ll those who complain of lack of water are unbearably hot. "Forests are burning everywhere."

Buildings also caught fire. Thanks to careful German records, we know the vague distinction that 1540 saw more fires in the city than any peaceful year since 1000 AD. Anecdotal evidence from other countries shows that Germany was not alone. The fire has borrowed a creepy light, and many observers said that the sun and the moon had a red mood. It's been a few centuries since centuries since the Takitus era, but Germans and other Europeans greeted the sign with similar superstitions and considered malice. Soon many were convinced that the murderous arsonist "Mordenbrunner" was setting the fire. Then, the search for the suspect began. In some places, the Protestant rotations are doubting the pope's plot in a deadly fire. In other places, the local authorities arrested several traditional victims: Baglon, beggar and foreigners -that they have not actually heard. In classical late medieval style, authorities tortured suspects to "confess" to treason.

Relentless fires, red skies, heat waves, failed crops and collective paranoia terrified farmers. In addition to the cruel situation, he did not return until 1921 with pity.

Climate changes were implemented in a new era. Europe has experienced its worst heat wave and drought since 2003, and 2022 is predicted to be the worst on record. The historical record tells us to be careful. Whatever the cause, extreme weather wreaks havoc. It's a really cool convenience.

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Friday, August 19, 2022

We must do something about drought

 I read a report in the online edition of the Genetic Literacy Project on August 10, 2022 that drought-resistant CRISPR genetically modified rice will be available in India by 2026.

"Drought resistant rice has been developed for the first time in India using genome editing technology and is expected to be evaluated in 2024 and marketed by farmers in 2026," said the Agriculture and Forestry Minister. Narendra Singh Tomar said.

Last year we read in our weekly digital newsletter, Crop Biotechnology Update (November 17, 2021) and ISAAA (International Agricultural Biotechnology Application Acquisition Service) that Brazil approved drought tolerant wheat. This article is as follows: "In Brazil, the approval of the drought -based wheat is an important step in creating agricultural equipment, which is used as an important part of the rotation of the crops." In October 2020, Argentina raised the first approval of wheat for consumption. -

Today's warning about today's pillars shows that agricultural research results from many countries around the world to carry out the results of agricultural research in agricultural production.

For several months in many areas of Uganda, we had a very drought drought and reduced the production of food and nutrients. We are already seeing household incomes fall as farmers sell their livestock for lack of feed and animals die en route to water. Prolonged droughts also pose health risks, as hygiene is difficult to maintain without water. Prolonged droughts lead to environmental degradation, forest fires, and conflicts between ranchers and farmers over the use of limited water resources. Frequent drought is also a sign of climate change bringing new parasites and pests. Warmer temperatures make it easier for parasites such as tsetse flies and mosquitoes to migrate to areas where they were previously absent.

We must do something to maintain food production in the face of drought. For example, despite the fact that crops are important foods, corn production was weak due to drought and autumn worms. Farmers should be sensitive to the possibility of using drought in farmers' stores. We should also consider applying biotechnological solutions to agricultural problems.

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Young Galway 'gentleman' named locally after tragic lorry crash as tributes flood in

 Young Galway gentleman named after tragic lorry crash as locals pay tribute.

Jonathan 'Johnny' Reilly, 20, died in a one-way collision with a Scania truck he was driving in Northern Ireland on Tuesday morning. A tribute pours in for the residents of Abbeyknockmoy, portrayed as a beautiful soul always smiling.

His brother said, “Dear friend, my brother, fly high in the sky. I will forever and forever wonder why. Rest in peace, Johnny.”

Other friends added: I can't even imagine how much pain my family must have gone through. I only met him on Saturday. He was a gentleman. such a shock. I saw him driving Abey a week ago. Sad and sudden condolences to the entire family.

West Tyrone MP Nicola Brogan told ITV the incident had shocked the community. I also want to thank the first responders who were on the scene in a very tragic situation."

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Drought roiling China’s already evaporating economy

 Factories in the southwestern Sacheon region are expected to be closed until Thursday due to a heat wave and drought in what is expected to...